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You didn't get the joke, and I won't tell you why! I'll just give you an annoying as fuck message to fuck with you until you realize it's a joke or until you go completely insane in a carousel of frustration and agony because you cannot figure it out on your own and have to ask people who either give you the same annoying as fuck message, or type a fucking monologue explaining the joke you were too dense to understand.
Guy 1: $35 with free shipping seems sketchy.... I think I should buy this one, which costs $30 with $5 shipping.
Guy 2: But... they're the same price!
Guy (3 or 1): r/woooosh
Guy 2: They're still the same price, what difference does it make?
Guy (3 or 1): its a joke you dumbass
by ShxdyNeo May 14, 2019

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The two highest grades in High School before College. They are Juniors and Seniors, and are absolute dickheads to lowerclassmen just because they exist. However, not all are this way, but most of them that you'll meet will hate lowerclassmen for no reason. Once lowerclassmen become upperclassmen, they want that feeling of power, and will repeat the harassment that the previous upperclassmen did to them.
Upperclassmen: Haha! You lowerclassmen are nothing but mislead fucktards that don't know your place! We will pick on you, treat you as inferiors, and make fun of you until we leave out of this fucking dump for good! Pick up my shit, hand it to me, and don't make us mad!
by ShxdyNeo May 14, 2019

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Noun - A person (typically a girl) who would use violent means to get their crush to love them.
"See that girl over there? She just killed 2 people to get him to love her. She's defenetly a yandere"
by ShxdyNeo September 11, 2018

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There are three general types of bonding. Covalent, Polar-Covalent, and Ionic bonding.

Covalent bonding is when an atom shares its electron in the process to become stable. For example, a hydrogen would bond with another hydrogen, as it fills it's first orbital, and therefore becoming a stable element.

Polar-Covalent bonding is like covalent bonding, but it involves two (or more) different elements. To understand how this works, you'll need to understand valence electron orbitals.

Short version: If its in group 1A, it has 1 valence electron, 2A, two valence electrons, etc. Once it has eight valence electrons, it becomes stable. Transition metals (Group B elements), Hydrogen, and helium are an exception to this.
Take water as an example (H2O). Oxygen is in group 6A, and so it has six valence electrons, needing two more to complete its valence octet. Hydrogen has 1 valence electron (1A), so two Hydrogens share their electrons with Oxygen.

Why is it polar? Oxygen is more "Electronegative", or how much it wants the electrons. Oxygen is more electronegative, so the electrons want to be with oxygen more than Hydrogen. Oxygen's lone electron pairs that act as bonded electrons, pushing away the hydrogens, making the asymmetrical shape.

Ionic bonding is where an atom "donates" an electron to another atom. For example, Sodium Chloride (table salt). Sodium is in 1A, while Chloride is in 7A. Needless to say, one electron goes from Sodium to Chlorine, and they both become stable.
Covalent has two elements working together, as if it was a co-op mode.

Friend A: ugHHH I have so much chemistry homework to do!!
Friend B: Isn't it that chemical bonding crap?
by ShxdyNeo November 21, 2018

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1. Adjective
Tense, nervous, or irritiable

2. Noun
A person who tries to act cool, in a tryhard way, to the point of being cringe
1. "He became edgy and defensive"

2. "He's trying so hard to be cool. What an edgy bitch!"
by ShxdyNeo September 11, 2018

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Short for Profile Picture. Used commonly in social media apps, and is displayed as a circle or square to represent yourself, typically in a chat.
"No pfp, No opinion!"
"stfu anime pfp"
(both comments can be witnessed on iFunny)
by ShxdyNeo May 14, 2019

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To flex is to show off that you have more, or you are better at something.

Another kind of flex is to tighten a muscle.
Person 1: "I'm soooooooo much better at this, I mean, look at me! *gets an unbeatable high score*"
Person 2: "Bitch stop flexing"
by ShxdyNeo September 20, 2018

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