28 definitions by Shugunou

1. The desire for sexual relations with multiple people.
2. The sexual equivalent to polyamory.
3. The sexual equivalent to polygamy.
4. The state of being sexually attracted to or desiring sexual intercourse with multiple people, typically including people who they are not romantically attracted to.

Origin: From "Poly-" (derived from "polyamory" and "polygamy") and "Concupiscence" meaning "sexual desire".
I do not wish to be romantic with any other but my polyconcupiscence will not allow me to be satisfied unless I can be sexual with another.
by Shugunou July 14, 2022
An acronym for "You Are So Welcome" to be used in response to TYSM.
Person 1: This gift is amazing. TYSM.
Person 2: YASW
by Shugunou April 5, 2022
The double-binary equivalent to loli and shota. From the Japanese "男女" meaning "man and woman".
Loli and shota are good but danjo are the best of both worlds.
by Shugunou March 15, 2022
The gender-neutral equivalent to waifu/husbando.

Origin: A portmanteau of "they" and "waifu". Coined by ColixNaiaVT.

Also Theyby.
Eyes Of Aether is my theyfu.
by Shugunou July 21, 2022
Someone who is attracted to Danjo, the attraction to Danjo, or the genre centered around Danjo. The double-binary equivalent to lolicon and shotacon.
I am not a lolicon or shotacon. I am strictly a danjocon.
by Shugunou March 15, 2022
Identifying as either male or female. Someone can be multigender and single-binary if they identify as one of the binary genders and not the other. Also called "monobinary".

Origin: From "Single" and "Double-Binary".
I may be bigender but the only binary gender I identify as is male so I am Single-Binary.
by Shugunou August 13, 2022
The gender-neutral/agender/genderless equivalent to loli and shota. From the Japanese "なし" meaning "without".
I don't like loli or shota. Nashi are what I prefer.
by Shugunou March 15, 2022