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A human rogue on the Blackwater Raiders (US) server in the popular World of Warcraft MMORPG.

Danjo was orphaned at a young age, and taken in by Mathias Shaw and raised within SI:7. In later years, he discovered that he had a son, Danjack, who's mother had raised him in secret and passed away from the wasting sickness. Danjo embraced his son, and took him under his wing.

Not long after, Danjo had an epiphany regarding the Stormwind nobility, and allied himself with the Defias Brotherhood in Westfall. He presided over the Blackguard personally, and was lead council to the bandit king Edwin VanCleef.

Becoming disillusioned with the Defias and for as yet unrevealed reasons, Danjo faked his own death a year after joining. VanCleef aided in the ruse to release Danjo from his bonds. Danjack, left to believe the lie that his father was dead, was left in Edwin's charge to raise as his own.

Danjo's whereabouts since then have been unknown, though a man resembling him and going by the name Dannik Jericho has been seen frequently in the dwarven stronghold of Ironforge as of late...
Verlant Galventos, at the battle for Hellfire Peninsula: We have to take that field general out! His troop movements are killing us!

Rhoman Pierce: I dispatched Danjo a few minutes ago. Pack your bags General, this battle is almost over.

by Bladefist October 18, 2007
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A word used typically to describe somebody who is not yet out of the closet, or has recently come out of the closet. In other words, it is one who is a newbie to the gay community. Usually refers to men only.
Person #1: Dude, i think i might be gay
Person #2: Dude, you're a Danjo!
Amy: Oh Danjo...
by ThaPimpC December 06, 2007
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A weak attempt at trolling an internet message board. Any internet post intended for trolling that is thought to be witty and funny by the poster, but, fails to deliver any wit or troll value.
That post about the dead soldiers was probably meant to be witty, but it was a Danjo.
by Bngoflffr April 02, 2010
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