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smh its literally pedophilia
transage = fancy word for pedophilia LMAOOOOOOOOOO
by pedophilia is a crime November 30, 2017
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People who are a certain age, like all people.
However, they are as a person a different age, in most cases older.
Sometimes, though, their true age is younger. For example, Micheal Jackson.
Jenny: I heard Britney Spears was transage until she turned 21.
Bob: I used to be transage...until I turned 25
by teagreen May 28, 2008
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Yeojin from Loona is Trans age Meaning she’s 17 but believes she’s 34!
Yves: “How old are you”
Yeojin: “I’m 17 but I believe I’m 34!”

Yves: “So you’re Trans age”
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by minghaosmullet December 09, 2018
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Trans Age - a person who feels as a child trapped in a man’s or woman’s body.
Person 1: “I don’t understand this guy, he is 40 and he acts like an adolescent teenager.”

Person 2: “That’s because he’s Trans Age. He feels he is a child in the wrong body and doesn’t know how to be an adult, DIDNT you see the movie Jack? “
by Captain Jack Rum and Coke October 28, 2018
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