Someone with an age identity that differs from their chronological age.

Transage people can be of any age and are not all younger than their chrono age. Transage people may also fluctuate between ages, be multiple ages or be no specific age.

Common experiences related to being transage include plurality, neurodivergence, trauma, age regression and age dysphoria. Not all transage people experience all or any of these specific things. The only requirement to be transage is to feel a sincere incongruence between your age identity and your chronological age.

Transage is NOT a term used to justify the abuse of children. The term has never been used this way by real transage people. In fact, many transage children (older to younger) believe they cannot consent, just like a chrono child can't.

Transage is not transphobic, it has nothing to do with transgender, although some transage people also happen to be transgender. They are two separate identities with their separate dysphorias, and transage people aren't seeking to be a part of LGBTQ+.

Transage people just want their identities to be understood and respected. They seek acceptance in living their lives freely as themselves.
I'm transage and I'm 11 years old, and I suffer from very severe age dysphoria, particularly about my height, shoulders, bone structure, hips, body hair, and voice. If there was a magic button to transform me into a physical 11 year old I would press it no matter the consequences or risks involved.
by apocalypseprincess April 13, 2023
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Transage just means paedophile

It also mocks the lgbt community, real transgender people, people who use age regression to cope
You’re not transage you’re just a disgusting paedophile
by Kill all pedos July 29, 2020
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this is when a person feels like a different age than what they are. This is similar to transgender, which is when u feel like a different gender than what u were born as. People say that u can't change ur age, but people said that people can't change their gender. People can change their gender tho.
I am transage. I feel like a different age than what was born with.
by my_names_nova May 22, 2020
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People who are a certain age, like all people.
However, they are as a person a different age, in most cases older.
Sometimes, though, their true age is younger. For example, Micheal Jackson.
Jenny: I heard Britney Spears was transage until she turned 21.
Bob: I used to be transage...until I turned 25
by teagreen May 29, 2008
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A method by liberals to normalize pedophilia.
Dave - "I'm 50 but I identify as an 15 year old. That mean's I'm transage!"

John - "No, it means you're a pedophile."
by Anti_Liberals1 October 31, 2023
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