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One who is so full of shit and stupidity that it makes you wish you could dip out of the situation and never see the fucker again.
Caleb said, "let's turbo your ranger"!
I responded, "you're a dipass shut the fuck up"!
by Dippin With Zeus December 11, 2016
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a dipshit and a dumbass combined.
man, matt is such a dipass. he wanted to buy my charizard card for fifty bucks.
by lord merryweather February 09, 2008
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someone who is of lower intelligence,
such as geeks and lesser wannabes.
man, you are such a dipass.
by james and sergio March 05, 2004
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A insult describing someone who has a phobia of defacating with there butt above the water because of the possibility of water being splashed on their butt, so the person submerges their butt into the toilet water and defecates in that fashion.
"I saw Timmy pooing and I have descovered that he is a dip ass, his wet boxers reveals the truth
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When a man has vaginal intercourse with a woman and proceeds to shove his hand into her rectum and jerk himself off.
"Totally dip assed that Asian hooker last night!"
"Did she scream?"
"No, she's the one who asked for it..."
by Frumunda the Grody Tree December 29, 2011
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