a dipshit and a dumbass combined.
man, matt is such a dipass. he wanted to buy my charizard card for fifty bucks.
by lord merryweather February 10, 2008
Things that piece of shit Rick says whenever his liver is messed up.
Morty: Why don't we just use your portal gun?
Rick: It's in the car, dipass!
by PurpleandRed November 7, 2021
someone who is of lower intelligence,
such as geeks and lesser wannabes.
man, you are such a dipass.
by james and sergio March 6, 2004
One who is so full of shit and stupidity that it makes you wish you could dip out of the situation and never see the fucker again.
Caleb said, "let's turbo your ranger"!
I responded, "you're a dipass shut the fuck up"!
by Dippin With Zeus December 11, 2016
When someone mixes the words: dipshit and asshole into one
Person1: i bet you jack off in the locker room
Person2:take a look in the fuckin’ mirror dipass
by Short penis February 28, 2020
A dipass is a greasy boy, typically having a crush on every other girl he sees. They have little to no male friends, and are rejected socially due their condescending and in general annoying personality. Mega beta.
Boy did you see Mitchell's post? What a dipass.
by Dill.stl March 16, 2018