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That would be Joint, Marijuana, Hemp, Green budz.
Dude! You smoked my budz!
Does that guy still deliver budz?
by Tag London April 20, 2006
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A name for your friend, bastardization of buddy.

May be used singular or plural.
by Shmouse May 22, 2005
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As noted by others, a slang term for buddy.

However, for those interested, I would highlight that this term enjoys special status in the Canadian military, and you should be cautious how you use it if new to the Forces.

While "Budz" may be used as a greeting, in the CF it also often carries slightly pejorative connotations, and is generally used in a condescending context. Thus, do not "budz" anyone unless it's deserved. Accordingly, you should never "budz up" - ie, use the term towards a superior - but only ever "budz down" (ie, "budz" someone of lower rank).

See below for examples.
As a greeting: (Warrant Officer to a Private) "How's it goin' budz?"

As an insult: (Warrant Officer to a Private) "Holy fuck budz, why are you asleep when you should be covering your arcs?"

As a guaranteed way to get yourself into shit: (Private to Warrant Officer) "How's it going, budz? ... I mean, Warrant?"
by NaturalPerson December 20, 2017
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