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Author of autobiography of a yogi. His most famous book. He's a monk who met other monks that could levitate and defy death such as the deathless guru babaji. His guru sri yukestwar was amazing and has a woke asf book called the holy science all about the 2012 prophecy. Pretty dope. Paramahansa was so Saint like it's rumored you could see God in his eyes.
Hey dude paramahansa yogananda is rumored to have been stealing all the white bitches in the west with his new kryia yoga , what a baller
by Shitty alchemy July 18, 2021
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Ascended master aka deathless guru who manifested a palace using psychokinesis(just watch Gaias ,the app, episode on mind over matter on superhuman to understand telekinesis aka psychokinesis).
This guy has ascended master powers because he's connected to God which is light. He's woke asf. He's from paramahansa yoganandas book auto biography of a yogi. We all have this ascended master potential.
P.s there is no spoon
Babaji is woke asf plus he eats organic
by Shitty alchemy July 18, 2021
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The best woke youtuber there is! If you see this aaron add me on ig : cosmiccuriosity9999 shoot me a message
Yeah I was watching aaron doughtty the other day he was talking about his job at Nordstrom selling women's shoes and how his boss was a total dick so he left and went to Sedona and astral projected with leeor alexandria
by Shitty alchemy July 19, 2021
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Quantum healing hypnosis technique by dolores cannon(peace be upon her) that allows you to view your past lives and preform miraculous healing via manifestation by the higher subconscious mind.

She cured cancer just google her!! Seriously . Governments hate her.
Hey dude let's find out our past life during a qhht and see if we were friends back then too! Oh and I got cancer from anger in a past life, I need to forgive someone and cure that shit before it turns to stage 4(anger causes cancer, forgiveness cures it)
by Shitty alchemy July 18, 2021
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When someone ,most likely a dark alchemist or magician uses witchcraft to manifest poop in your butt as a war tactic to distract, divide, or conquer.
Example: hey Ken just got shit jammed by my super pooper spell. He'll never be able to fend for himself now! What a war tactic, shitty alchemy is!!
by Shitty alchemy June 21, 2021
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God, we are one energy, this energy is the body of God. Or source energy. Dolores cannon and aaron doughtty contact source energy through dolores cannons hypnosis QHHT technique , god Is supposedly all loving. It also looks like a giant sun. The source energy. I've seen it in prophetic like visions.
Hey dude we're all fragments of source energy, I wonder what source energy tastes like. I hope it's rainbow chunk icecream.
by Shitty alchemy July 18, 2021
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Just Google dolores cannon and you'll see she cured cancer and covid and many other ailments with her QHHT method. She's also contacted source energy. Look up source energy, it's the giant energy ball called God. With the age of Aquarius this information is resurfacing . We haven't had advanced methods like this since atlantis fell. Plato talks of atlantis. Dolores cannon uses the higher subconscious mind to preform miraculous healing. Simple science really. Basic manifesting.
Hey dude dolores cannon is so lit she literally has contacted the god source energy and cured cancer and covid and she wasn't even trying she just stumbled upon the higher self one day while practicing, what a baller. Grandma dolores is the real OG.
by Shitty alchemy July 18, 2021
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