The coolest, funniest person you will ever know. Sedona is usually a very trendy and fierce female. Sedona is tall and has the singing voice of an angel. She is very confident and talks ALOT. Her laugh is usually funnier than the joke itself.
Person 1: Why are you laughing so much
Person 2: I was just talking to Sedona
by idk69 May 2, 2013
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an amazingly sexy woman. Will steal your heart. A smile that lights up anyones face, and a smell that you would follow for hours, its delicious. 8 out of 10 guys want her, but she knows how to stick to her man.
daymn. wish i was sedona.
by you know its true. July 31, 2009
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A super adventurous, loyal, and funny girl. She is tall and has an amazing body. You can always tell when you’ve met a Sedona. She is fierce, confident, and a good listener. Sedona’s have a smile that will light up the room. She is competitive and never shys away from a challenge. If you find one, keep her!
“I think I met a Sedona”
No way! If you did you better keep her!”
by Can Of Cherries August 14, 2018
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Sedona is a woman with a lot of power. She is very loyal to her friends and in relationships. She’s funny, goofy, loving, and very beautiful. Her body is an amazing work of art. She has a smile like no other. All the men want her but she knows what she wants. She smells amazing and dresses great

If you ever have one, DONT let her go.
Person 1: Who was that girl you were talking to?

Person 2: It’s Sedona

Person 1: Man YOURE lucky to even be seen around her she’s a goddess
by stonedbitch29 December 5, 2019
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Not attractive but a kind heart. She will always be there for you until she gets sick of you and yeets you out of her life. If she is a ginger run away ASAP
Person 1: “Omg I just met a Sedona”
Person 2: “Is she ginger?”
Person 1: “Yes”

Person 2: “Oh no
by bitchboy77 November 6, 2019
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Sedona is literally the coolest person ever. They have great music and fashion taste and LOADS of friends. They are kinda mentally unstable but they’re cool as FUCK and will love you until the end of time
bro sedona is literally so cool and swag i am in love with them
by hottublover69 November 30, 2021
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