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The after effects of a wet dream, when you wake up and have to peel your underwear off of your package like a band-aid. If you sleep naked, it's the same thing except your penis is trying to plant itself on your sheets like a seed taking root.
I had the hottest dream last night, but when I woke up it was more of a dry nightmare because I couldn't get my boxers off my cock.
by Shayfus December 09, 2007
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The process of making porno mag pages stick together. Can also be considered goober glue.
My little brother fucked up my Hustler with his pecker mache.
by Shayfus December 09, 2007
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The forceful release of a viscous liquid bowel movement that coats the complete inside of the toilet (or wherever you let loose). This is usually following a night of extreme drinking or Mexican food. (Also Thai, Chinese, stone fruits or dirty creek water can contribute to this sometimes painful assblast)
I strained and had a gravy spray right there on the court, it looked like I was leaking chocolate milk.
by Shayfus September 17, 2008
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The milky white substance that is produced by the testicles, and is shot out of the penis. It is sometimes used for baby making or just a tasty snack (if you're into that).
I'll stick that bitch's eyes shut with my goober glue!
by Shayfus December 09, 2007
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A totally blown out rectum similar to a rosebud by continuous strain on the anal sphincter, basically to the point where the muscles no longer work. Usually caused by larger than suggested objects going in the out door too often... or possibly pooping a volleyball.
I feel like I'm sitting on a giant hamburger due to my orange blossom.
by Shayfus August 18, 2016
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