J is for Jarell and Boog came from boogie.
he is so fine and i betcha his lips taste like a bottle of good old wine.
he's sexy, handsome, smart and very talented.
one day, he'll be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He makes girls go wild and i like his
i can tell by the way he presents hisself that he is also, a very respectful person.
His very ambitious and he is a leader in his own way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
his sign is a leo and the animal that represents leos is a lion. As we all know, lions are the kings of the jungles. He can be my king and i would gladly be his queen.
by kimmie October 1, 2004
hes so fine i gotta make him mine...
he's soooo fine,the best danca & singer,hottest memba of b2k...
and did i metion he's fine
u kno wut i'm talkin bout
by j-boogs pretty lady December 5, 2003
he iz fine funny and kool as hell all at tha same time mayne fine aint even tha word for him cuz i love me a dark nigga especially if he cute babie well wish he was mine but know he not but he still gone be on my love list 4 eva
strawberries N chocolate
u cant explain y its so good
jarell is a good person, smart, and fine as he!! ok i know that all of yall like jarell but do yall even know him like that, i know i dont but i still love him and ne way he is my mannnnnnn ok so start kickin rocks
he is my man ok
by keondra February 21, 2004
Jboog mean fine,sexy,sweet,kind,no one in the world will ever come next to someone like hime his not ever gurl but one gurls man in the world. Who may that be we don't know but we know now his mine.
Jboog is fine and cute and always mine
Holla Playa
by Shay March 2, 2004
Most sexiest boy in B2K no matter what anyone say. I will still love him. Can't be another one. Only one of a kind. No strings atached. All nature being himself every day all day. No hiding he is real no faking he's all REAL!!!!!!
by Drenna A.k.a boog wifey December 6, 2003