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A quick note response used in internet chats (mostly in MMOs) in response to a post that the user finds to be most relatable or correct in context to the topic at hand.
Person 1: (using quotation marks to pretend to be someone else) "Oh hey, someone just called out the monster spawn that I'm at. Better kill it before anyone else gets here!"
Person 2: ^ (circumflex accent)
Person 3: ^ (circumflex accent)
Person 4: Sounds about right.
by Erk Gloom July 8, 2018
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When you flex because you are circumcised, often done by people that were circumcised at their cat mario's house.
Person 1: Stop circumflexing on me m8!
Person 2: Never nigga i'm forever nigga!
by NillerKasket March 14, 2019
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