54 definition by Shaun

when someone pussy is wore out old and nobody don't want dat shit no more.
pee wee told quela that she got dat throw back pussy and quela said boy stop.
by shaun July 16, 2004

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A restrained hissy fit
When she found out her car had been stolen, she had an absolute caniption.
by Shaun November 05, 2004

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Rocky is the slang name given to cannibis resin or hash. It usually comes in a solid form. The majority of hash found in the Uk is hard and brown and has to crumbled using a lighter. Although softer variants are to be found that just crumble with your hands.
" yo bruv you know where I can get sum rocky?"
" is this skunk of rocky in this spliff?"
"what you after bruv rocky or green?"
by shaun April 25, 2006

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Alias for sexual intercorse.
Garvey: We're having a beat session if the eagles win.

Christine: YES!
by Shaun February 12, 2005

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don't play someone as a joke.
shika ask the boy is he gay and he said dont try me like dat
by shaun April 26, 2004

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uk slang word meens something is really good, new age word for wiked heavy tite etc, use used wen reverin 2 strength of drugs
your new trainers are rotant
by shaun January 29, 2005

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An Oxfordshire slang term. Used by both chav's and townies. Refers to a homosexual who likes little boys, i.e. one who likes little children specifically of the same sex. Usually used in extreme insult due to ageing effect of most insults.
Dreiers. You fucking Dreiers.
by Shaun December 26, 2004

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