12 definitions by Shannon Elizabeth

To rush or surge back.

To cause to pour back, especially to cast up (partially digested food).
(True Story)
My brother wanted some of my french fries and i didn't want to share so when he wasn't looking i regurgitated into the ketchup, stirred it up and watched him munch!!!
by Shannon Elizabeth July 22, 2005
One of the most beautiful place in California. People like to hate on people from California, (rigtfully so cuz they're all so damn stuck up), but people from S.B. are laid back stoners who just want to chill at the beach or go on a hike.
i'm 24 and I've lived in S.B. my whole life. I would never want to be categorized as a rich bitch, dumb ass Californian because i'm way more chill than those assholes.

Me: Lets go to the beach and blaze it.
Friend: Sounds chill, lets go.
by Shannon Elizabeth July 22, 2005
Meaning bull shit. If someone is telling you something that sounds completely unbelievable or made up it is balogna.
You: i have a 13 inch cock!
Friend: That's bologna, i've seen your 3 incher!!!
by Shannon Elizabeth July 27, 2005
To appear gay. Metro sexuals are brucy.
Me: Hey Mike, You look very brucy today in that hot pink shirt.

Mike: Fuck off
by Shannon Elizabeth July 22, 2005
(Prounounced ba ba ba boo shells, with a low loud voice)
a. bull shit
b. ball sack
person a.: i had sex with angelina jolie, pam anderson & britney spears all in one night!
person b.: ba ba ba bushells!!!


suck on my ba ba ba bushells!!!
by Shannon Elizabeth August 13, 2005