Someone who moves out West, usually the Northern Rockies, and wants to make it just like California or Michigan and not the U.P.! or Vermont. Liberal fucks who don't like hunting, logging or ranching. They think wolves are cute face licking puppies,,, not hamstringing demons who eat their prey alive. The use their money and lawyers like the Mafia uses pistols and knives, with the locals losing out. Drive Subarus, Saabs, Volvos.
How come we can't hunt elk on that ranch anymore?
Some pretty people bought it to raise llamas on.

Why is this bar so clean... and no more pickled eggs?
The pretty people eat their veggie burgers here now.
by Alpino October 20, 2009
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Pretty People Privilege aka PPP is the advantage that attractive people have to get what they want.
“You should hit up Connor he’ll get it for you bc you have Pretty People Privilege.”
by mhstipline December 11, 2020
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An old saying starting back in the early 1600s meaning that only tuna squirts on pretty people.
Leslee:(while draining a can of tuna and it squirts on her) aw man! thats just my luck!!

Brendon: you know what they say? Tuna only squirts on pretty people
by straightnoobin April 20, 2010
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