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A long and brown delicious item that cannot be hated in any way. Potatoes can also be a form of human. Most common phrases are "Couch potato" or "Big Potato". Human-Potatoes are usually defined as lazy, sleepy, a food-lover, etc. Although the phrase "Potato" has died down recently, deep in our hearts we have some potato in us.
I want a bake potato for lunch
I am such a couch potato. I stayed up all night watching Netflix on the couch!
by Shakespeare Definitions April 15, 2020
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Adjective: Used to describe a hella good thing.

Verb: Do a face that looks sort of like ö or just being very satisfied/surprised.
"Wow, that mlg clutch was super pogchamp"
"I'm pogchamping and that epik bedwars game"
by Shakespeare Definitions February 19, 2021
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by Shakespeare Definitions May 03, 2020
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The type of person that has an amazing smile, loves chocolate and has a nerdy but amazing personality. Usually found with an older companion of some sort. Like a cousin or a sister.

<3 ;)
My friend Hugo loves to eat chocolate
by Shakespeare Definitions April 16, 2020
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An insult for people who you don't have the brain power to deal with.

This definition also defines "Bruised banana", "Toasted muffin", and my favorite, "Chewy cellery
Alfred: *does something stupid*
Lily: Alfred is a really dense cabbage.
by Shakespeare Definitions August 30, 2020
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