Synonymous modification of epic.

When something is so incredibly unbelievably unforgettable that words fail you, that is epik. It's basicially something fucking awesome.
Did you see that meme? It was epik.
by Count3D June 18, 2007
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ADJ. A term describing something/someone that is too epic for the word or words: epic, awesome, insane, ect.
"Roundhouse kicks are EPIK"

"Code Geass is an EPIK anime."

yada yada is an EPIK way of saying ect.
by To those who are dead December 9, 2010
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A korean rap group under MapTheSoul, an indie group in korea.

If you were to describe them they are simply just pure awesome.
Dude Epik High's song Pieces of You is BEAUTIFUL.
by Dougieisheretorap June 26, 2011
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(in addition to the definition above)

All members are singer/rapper/songwriters. They are well known in Korea, Japan, China, and the US (they all speak English fluently) for their hit songs "Fly", "Day of Peace", and "Paris" (AMAZING songs by the way. AMAZING group in general!!!).

Albums -

1. Map of the Human Soul (2004)
2. High Society (2004)
3. Swan Songs (2005)
4. Black Swan Songs {Repackage} (2006)

Awards -

1. 2005 KBS Korean Music Awards, The Artists of the Year
2. 2005 SBS Korean Music Awards, The Artist of the Year (Category - Hip Hop)
3. 2005 Korean Golden Disk Awards, Best Hip-Hop Artist
4. 2005 MNET KM Music Video Festival Awards, Best Hip-Hop Music Video

They have also appeared in countless TV shows around the globe.

In addition to all, this is not your standard hip-hop group. Their songs do not deal with money, cars, girls, etc., but allong with emotional issues, they deal with real world problems and spread and bring insight and new ideas through their music. Also, they are about sensitive and extremly contraversial social issues (world peace, the gap between the rich and the poor, capitalism, etc.)
Epik High is a Korean hip-hop group.
by music=life April 7, 2006
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Korean hiphop crew with three members: Tablo, Mithra, Tukutz, and Tablo being the leader of the group.
They made their debut in 2003 with the album titled "Map of the Human Soul"
They gave a major influence to Korean HipHop community since then, and are still on the rise.
Epik High's Tablo graduated with an English degree from Stanford University and he RAPS??!!??
by philsturr January 15, 2006
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The most fail ever. you cant fail more than Epik Phale.
Dude.. That was epik phale.
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a cross of being obsessed with Epik High and being an epic fail
Minwoo: Man shane is an epik fail!
Oliver: true dat.
by supportepikhigh March 31, 2009
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