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A class of drug (Selective Serotonin Reputake Inhibitor) designed to 'treat' depression, though there is no real evidence that these drugs work beyond temporary stimulation, numbing, placebo effect, or a combination of such. Remember, the 'treatment' of mental illness is highly subjective and is not well understood, making it an easy gray area to screw around with for profit. The 'clinical results' have been fudged by the pharmaceutical companies (who test the drugs themselves) and the FDA, and what little reliable information left obfuscated by nondescript language and misrepresentation. There are many dangerous side effects which have been reported, and are also underplayed purposely to boost sales. In reality, we understand very little about the nature of Serotonin and the brain, so giving SSRI's to 'depressed' patients is simply a stab in the dark to avoid dealing with real issues at hand.
Depressed? It can't be because you feel helpless in a world where the only real choices available to work for a dispassionate corporation or suffer on the street. It can't be because you never felt connected to anyone. It can't be because you were abused at home! No! It's biological! I swear! I'm a real scientist, and I'm just pulling shit out of my ass, but my white lab coat and nondescript brain scan means I'm right! Seriously! Here, take these potentially dangerous and useless drugs! They're called SSRI's! And you really need to want it to help, because that's the only way it will! Wait it's just a placebo effect, but don't tell anyone, and if you do I'll give you more drugs to help treat your 'problems with authority'.
by Shadow Creator October 04, 2007

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Usually, some poor excuse for a sex based relationship, though this is disguised in supposed 'love'. No, I'm not bitter, I can just observe that 95%+ of 'relationships' are total horseshit.
If you don't use your brain and understand your partner, don't expect any more (or to be any more) than your average 'girlfriend'.
by Shadow Creator December 30, 2007

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An arbitrarily set 'maximum legal speed of travel' that is almost always disobeyed, except in horrible conditions. However, even then, you'll find some still ignoring it. Nonetheless, only the latter in dangerous, and speed limits serve little purpose aside from bringing in revenue. Used also as an excuse for stupid drivers to be able to stay on the road as long as they 'obey the law'. Remember, speed doesn't kill people, people kill people. Aggressive drivers tend to speed a lot but not all speeders are aggressive. The autobahn in Germany has a lesser accident rate than almost every US highway and this includes many out of country drivers (Austria mostly) that are far more dangerous. Out in the midwest, people are usually more laid back, so they drive closer to the limit (though usually slightly above still).

In the east and west, people are usually going 10-15 above (sometimes more in areas with even lower limits). This is great for city and state coffers because people who are only going 5-10 above the usual traffic speed (often to pass) are ticketed for 20, sometimes 25 over the limit. It's also a very easy way to profile certain groups because everyone is already speeding anyway. Realistic limits, or better yet, no speed limits might cause a few idiots to run off the road, but most slow drivers AND fast drivers go the speed they do because they are not comfortable with any faster. Keep right unless you are passing or have nowhere else to drive.

So, next time you get pulled over, remember that you're just being taxed further. Unless of course, you were weaving through traffic like an asshole and really deserved it. However, most people ticketed are just average Joes attempting to get from point A to point B. There's little evidence that speed limits actually increase 'safety'. The assholes who cut people off and fail to use turn signals are the real danger, not speeders.

Also, 'enforcing' these limits is a waste of time, waste of our money, and a danger to police officers who sit on the median and the drivers who panic when they see them.
I went the speed limit because it was pouring rain.

50 mph? What the fuck? Should be more like 75 mph, AT LEAST.

by Shadow Creator January 01, 2008

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A symptom of a sick and hyper-materialistic society. The reason for this is that not everyone buys into the materialism as they grow up, thus they feel commonly disjointed from the rest, particularly after a horrible event that shakes up their perception of reality to another perception that is actually more accurate. However, at that time, the person will most likely not have the emotional/intellectual maturity to understand this 'new' reality, thus they are overwhelmed by emotions. While people plunge downward, in our society, most others refuse to help/react stupidly and end up making things much worse. During such a time of ghastly realization, one needs to be close to others who are going through similar ordeals, but such free thinking is often discouraged and the affair is too stigmatized for most to help with it.

Depression is not a 'medical disorder'; this has merely been invented to absolve others of responsibility and facilitate an easier, more smooth return to the status quo. Most people have trouble understanding people who are depressed, thus it is easier for them to say that they have some kind of 'condition' rather than making an attempt to genuinely understand them. The same goes for a psychiatrist; they are merely there to return the sufferer back to the status quo, whilst depression is often the beginning of a path to intellectual cynicism that transcends any 'normality'. Much of the reason that depression is far more common in current times than a hundred years ago is because many people run to technological outlets to avoid their problems, hence they are distracted, miserable and at the same time very confused.

Depressed people are commonly more disgusted by the 'norms' and anything sensationalist, but often are not given a sanctuary in which to learn/heal and often instead have nonsense shoved in their faces. Depression is beatable but requires a strong willpower, a great deal of thought, and a change of attitude. Many who have had severe depression at a point in their life can be great empathizers.

The theories that depression is caused by a 'chemical imbalance' are nothing short of nonsense; the brain does chemically adapt to changing circumstances, but since it is influenced by the metaphysical in this manner, it must be treated the same way. By psychiatric logic, being happy for an extended period of time is also a chemical imbalance.
Jake was deep in depression; but after two years of struggling, he finally pulled himself out of a rut and found himself not a teenager, but a man.
by Shadow Creator September 03, 2007

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A term used that is usually used in the context of entertainment, which can include reading, video games, television, and films. It refers to the reader/watcher's ability or desire (or both) to ignore, distort or underplay realism in order to feel more involved with the game, film, or book. This is a very common practice in many action movies, some books, but probably the most in video games. It is usually permitted and ignored because most people don't care about realism in their entertainment. It's also much more difficult to program a realistic game with highly realistic damage scales, movement, targeting, and more. Some games which are meant to be silly (grand theft auto) don't require much of this, because the entire atmosphere revolves around the less-than-serious style. However, some others attempt to be serious but fail to relay such. This still does not ruin the feel for most, though.

Some people have poor suspension of disbelief, or just don't prefer to use it. These people usually don't care for casual 'shoot em up' games unless there is a huge element of humor and stupidity that is integral to the game itself. They are sometimes perceived as tight asses, but in reality, they just prefer to keep their unrealistic games silly and stupid.

Sometimes, fan boys will take their suspension of disbelief too far and proclaim blatantly unrealistic things to be realistic in an effort to validate the game against 'invaders' who simply assert the truth.

Live Free Die Hard - Stunts are too extreme for average cop, certainly a good movie, but the theme could have been portrayed in a much better way if done more realistically.

Resident Evil 4: Ability to dodge lasers, but not clumsy villagers. Headshots do not decapitate or kill, but neck breaks kill. Metal masks deflect bullets. Story of 'alien virus' does not nearly reconcile with these shortfalls and main character is unable to walk and shoot at the same time despite having supposed secret agent type reflexes.

Halo: Using assault rifles, pistols, and Jeeps in ad 2550 despite extreme advances in space travel. Highways, buildings, and tech that look identical to C. 2025

Starcraft: Organic creatures that can somehow tear through inches of armor and resist hypervelocity bullets and bombs. Missiles that can tear apart advanced alien buildings.

Starcraft is fun as an RTS, but it is simply difficult for some to get involved in the story because of these shortfalls in realism.

Halo and Resident Evil 4 are fun shoot em up games with the former having a more realistic damage scale, but both try to be too serious for the lack of realism. However, with suspension of disbelief, most people are okay with all of this.
by Shadow Creator October 11, 2007

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A largely unfounded hypothesis used to push drugs as a 'cure' to mental illness. People are fooled into accepting what is essentially marketing as 'science' by smarmy ads, vague language, and constant rehashing of the idea that emotions are medical problems.
There is no evidence for any kind of 'chemical imbalance' from birth causing any kind of mental disorder, but the pharmaceutical companies would like you to think so.
by Shadow Creator October 04, 2007

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Extremely thick and disgusting ass hair or underarm hair.
Man, she has a load of buckwheat. I wouldn't go near her, bob!
by Shadow Creator October 11, 2007

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