The idea of having control of life and letting it control you being who you are and what you were ment to be. Living for yourself and the world. No inner or outer influences just life.
The creatures of the world live free among everything. (true)
by free2decide June 3, 2009
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The most badass state motto you’ve ever heard of. It’s the official motto for the State of New Hampshire. People in NH live by this motto. They don’t like the Feds, Massholes, or unnecessary laws and taxes. Live free or die!

Originally stated by General John Stark, the “Hero of Bennington”, in a letter. The quote continues by stating that “death is not the greatest of evils”.
“Hey, man, put your seatbelt on!”
“Nah we’re in NH ‘live free or die’. It’s not a law here.”
by devweth April 15, 2020
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Living Rent free means that someone is always thinking about that thing or place for example
America and Christians live rent free In the minds of reddit
America and Religion is living Rent free on the internet it seems because people won't STFU about it
by Atheistsarelyingtothemselvs January 30, 2021
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