72 definition by ShAdOw

a great warrior know to defeat thousands of soldiers in battle, but when you finally beat him he runs away like a sissy and you only get a crummy +2 attack from him
the teachers weren't happy that i brought a halbert to class, so i went lu bu on their asses
by shadow December 03, 2004

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A telemarketer that continually uses the words Dude, Stuff, or Man during a phone conversation
DSM kept kept calling the same business with no luck
by shadow October 08, 2003

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a little preppy perfectionist that like scott.
by shadow October 03, 2003

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To take a long time to do something
Dude I ask you to go and get the food and you a hitch
by Shadow January 24, 2005

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One who, in their homosexuality, eats out men.
Honey Buns.
by Shadow May 01, 2003

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NN. A Multi-Gaming Clan, that has been around for a long time. Consisting of some of the best game players in the Cyber-World.

NN roxxorz my boxxorz.
by Shadow February 03, 2005

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anthoer term for San Diego
I'm From Diego ese
by shadow January 27, 2004

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