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Beautiful and Graceful, with a smile
Yo nigga that girl is so Lena.
by Sexy Beast February 26, 2003
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a name of great beauty. though in some places considered highly exotic, it means one with great ego but is loved by everyone. (also considered as godess)
He only dreams to be with anusha day and night.
Anusha is a godess, so don't even try to mess with her.
by sexy beast November 11, 2004
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1. A person who is a huge pussy

2. The friend who never wants to do anything bad
Friend 1.) yo lets go ding-dong ditch that house
Friend 2.) no im scared they will come outside
Friend 3.) dudeeee dont be a pole nigga
by Sexy beast May 08, 2014
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A talk show host who lost weight and has no taste in clothing or show titles.
look what ricki l;ake is wearing!
by sexy beast July 30, 2003
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Of The Boat pertaining to a Russian immigrant who speaks little english.
He is such an OTB he drives a Maxima and hangs out at El Greco
by Sexy Beast February 26, 2003
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A word used in extreme casses, when a substance is about to erupt.
"That drink is about to fizzicate."
by sexy beast April 01, 2005
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jabloo is a word sainath learned and now he calls his best friend, originally it meant "clown" now it means "everything"
anusha is sainath's jabloo
by sexy beast July 20, 2006
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