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The study of the nervous system. Mostly stuff about the brain, hormones, nerves, and neurons.
If you want to know more about the brain and nervous system, study neuroscience.
by 123v2123v2 May 28, 2009
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Dejagoo is the strange feeling that you've been in this sticky situation before. It is dejavu due to goo. Usual symptoms are shivers down once's spine followed by disgust, especially if actual goo is involved.
Dude I like just like stepped in doggy doodoo. And i was like, oh dude this feels familiar. Then I remembered that I like stepped in pup poo like last weekend too. Surreal man, it was like total dejagoo.
by Hukra March 14, 2009
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Something which seems to have rendered the existence of a soul very, very unlikely, unfortunately.

Looks like this is the only life we're going to get folks.

Recent work on the brain has shown no evidence for souls, spirits, or any part of our personality or behavior distinct from the lump of jelly in our head.
by Submitters of Words June 14, 2011
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