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A horrible discrase to rock n roll, and their band should all be beaten with their instruments.
hm...lets play some fabulous blink one eightypoo and switchfoot...and some hoobastink...and some cum41. or not...cuse they Suck and play music for stupid farie teenagers, and sweaty old men who want to be cool.
by Sean February 27, 2005
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When a decent game system is thrown away, because it is useless. Usually occurs from the realease of a new system.
Sooner or later I'll give my PS2 a system chunk.
by Sean March 26, 2005
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A Really Phat Guy In Queensland Called Sean Bloemers and A NickName In Online Gameing
That TacoMaN Dude Is So Sic
by Sean May 07, 2005
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A hack for windows, linux, or lindows. Most commonly used for when you do something really stupid with something computer related.
I have winhax for lindows
by Sean November 26, 2004
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a movie that shows alot of drug use and violence.
The mother said to her 8 year old son-"You can't watch a wonderland as it would be illegal"
by Sean October 01, 2003
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a man or woman who is severe need of a genitle hair area trim.
it took me 10 minutes to get through jen's wookie crotch so we could screw.
by Sean January 28, 2005
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