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Synonym for HIV or the AIDS virus.
1. Rivers Cuomo"I've got the magic in me"
Magic Johnson "Sorry to hear about that Rivers, I am also infected with the magic."

2. "This is where the magic happened." synonymous with " This is where I contracted the AIDS virus".

3. "This is where the magic happens." synonymous with "This is where I spread the AIDS virus."
by Seamus MacFarland O'Toole September 24, 2010

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The test fart you make when you are unsure if it's a fart or a poop. Sometimes you fart. Sometimes you poop. "The farts you make are equal to the farts you take" -Paul McCartney.
This is really just a definition of an occurrence. Nobody uses security fart in a sentence.
by Seamus MacFarland O'Toole August 29, 2017

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A term used to define the instance where a person has clogged the toilet, but chooses to remain anonymous and blame it on others.
Upon returning home from work, I found the toilet clogged. None of my roommates took the blame and had claimed it to be the Jerry which was not around to defend himself. Ergo, The Old Fashioned Poop and Run
by Seamus MacFarland O'Toole June 04, 2013

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An automobile accident involving/caused by an afro-american due to poor driving ability, takes place daily in most urban areas.
Driver: Hey that's why traffic was so slow. There was an accident.

Passenger: No sir! There were negroes involved. That's a blaccident.

Driver: You're a racist!

Passenger: yes, yes I am.
by Seamus MacFarland O'Toole June 11, 2011

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When a person defecates in the toilet and wipes, but does not flush, therefore leaving what resembles a tamale, a traditional Latin American dish made of masa (a starchy dough, usually corn-based), which is steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper.
Dave! You left a tamale in the toilet! Que es esta mierda!!!
by Seamus MacFarland O'Toole May 14, 2011

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When one person (male or female) slaps a woman with a (non-used) tampon or maxi pad, as an insult.
Mary was angry at Christina so she slapped her in the face with a pad... boy was that one hell of a period slap!
by Seamus MacFarland O'Toole June 04, 2010

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