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13 definitions by Scriptures

Where you create & control your life/reality through the images you continually focus on and hold in your mind.

Whether you believe/understand this or not.. The Law of Attraction IS always working, so you may as well start thinking positively from now on to create the life you dream of living!
Guy a) yo' what's The Law of Attraction all about? I often see Online Celebrity Pete Laan talking about it on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram??

Girl b) It's a popular physics belief used by many wise & successful people.. check out 'The Secret' first 20 minute intro on YouTube! Basically put, it means your Thoughts.. Become.. Reality! Good or bad, so stop focusing & thinking about what you do not want! Start focusing on what you DO want and slowly but surely it will begin to manifest 🌈💕🏘💵
by Scriptures May 1, 2017
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An awesome girl with Colgate teeth who generally works at KFC during her teens. She has long dark hair.
Girl: Omg who is that girl in KFC drive through with the long brown hair?

Pete Laan : that’s Seymon, bitch.
by Scriptures October 20, 2018
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The unconditionally loved Adelaide City Girl in the life of Celebrity Pete Laan She's funny, sexy, smart and adorable.. a true dazzler on the eye's of anyone 😻
Girl A) omfg! When will Pete Laan EVER stfu about this Adelaide girl Ambeh Rose?

Girl B) rofl! I don't think he EVER will! He adores Her, loves Her, even wrote a guitar love song about her for Facebook and scored over 1000 views on it! She's the Perfect girl for him in his eyes.. they were actually Facebook engaged for four months! Word has it he called the engagement off and went back to Facebook Single just recently because she was taking fordayzzzz to marry him 🤣💍 But she know's he still loves her the same anyways! They're so damnnn cute!! Please DO get married guys, Awww!! 💏
by Scriptures April 9, 2017
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Girl: Hey Pete Laan you follow Daria Paramoshkina on Instagram @daria_paramoshkina ?

Pete: Sure do! She’s stylish and natural.. A beautiful girl
by Scriptures August 26, 2018
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Pete Laan Oi Nickobrah where’s my car keys?

Nickobrah Phftt you ain’t driving fgt
by Scriptures August 29, 2018
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A beautiful fluffy haired mother.
Pete Laan don’t we just have the best fluffy haired mother!

Mel : oh Gerardine how we love you! Xx
by Scriptures August 29, 2018
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A Genre of Rap Music most notorious for its references to Crime, Drugs, Guns & other dark aspects of the underworld.
Guy a) yo' playa you heard of Gangland Rap?

Guy b) yeah it's pretty raw rap bro, Google Celebrity Pete Laan has heaps of em on his Instagram account #ijustSHOTkerser
by Scriptures July 18, 2017
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