289 definition by Scott

The act of slapping a woman in the face with one's penis, often during or right after sex.
If you're lucky, your girlfriend won't mind getting a frapper.
by Scott October 17, 2003

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One who is a kiss ass at work
I hate working with Charlie, he is such a suck pump
by Scott November 19, 2003

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the number after eight and before ten in the americal numeral system
anyone who uses "nine" as in the 9mm pistol is a fucker, and is 9 times as wrong as if they were a taker.
by Scott March 25, 2005

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what hotmail is when it sucks
fucking whoremail wouldnt sign me in
by scott March 07, 2005

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When you take a crap and you keep wiping and wiping but you still got poo on your butt.
Man I got a bad case of fudgey butt.
by scott December 31, 2004

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A period of time that doesn't exist. When speaking in the future, it means something will never happen. When speaking in the past, it means "a long, long time ago."
From season 3 of Making The Band:
P. Diddy: "When's the last time you saw Dylan?"
Chopper: "Neveruary."
by Scott August 03, 2004

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Greatness beyond all possible comparisons.

v. viel
adv. vielly

Don't doubt it.
v. The joyous sound of the wind and the waves breaking on the shore last night was amazingly viel.

adv. I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert last night, it was vielly good.

Or you can use a combination of the verb and adverb. ie: I made sweet love down by the fire last night, and it was vielly viel.
by scott June 01, 2004

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