12 definitions by Sanias

After losing a bet, Matt was forced to Mike Tyson a homeless man or become an egg-asser... he chose the former.
by Sanias March 17, 2004
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Mom I Wouldn't Like to Fuck
Look at that fat miwlf, I bet her nipples smell like piss.
by Sanias March 19, 2004
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v. to rape-dock another man

v. to forcefully pull the foreskin of your own penis onto and over the head of another man's penis
Terry, Pat, and I decided to hold him down, while George gave him a good Lance King.
by Sanias October 7, 2011
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n. The fold in someone's pants or shorts that makes it look like their dick is sticking out.
"Hey, Spence! You look horny, you want to go fuck?"

"Nah, I'm too Burt Reynolds for that. These jeans just give me major pant dick."
by Sanias June 19, 2005
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A shit that leaves the toilet paper spotless.
"Denise, honey, why are you wasting toilet paper?"

"Oh, that's already been used... I had an immaculate."

"I know, but it can still be re-used."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

by Sanias February 4, 2008
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A 5-pointed ass.
I drank so much beer I actually slid into that miwlf's home plate.
by Sanias March 19, 2004
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n. The ass of a mother/older woman, where the jeans come up to the middle of the back, revealing an odd-shaped buttform.
I don't know if she plays baseball or is just a thief, because it looks like there's a home plate in her slacks.
by Sanias March 18, 2004
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