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Meaning "Summer's End" One of the Celtic sabbaths practiced on November 1st to celebrate the Celtic New Year.
On Samhain the boundries between our world and the Otherworld are at there weakest.
by Samhain_Knight February 24, 2005

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Often used by Aussies to denote a Poof.
Hey Ricardo, you really got your shit pushed in by that Turd Burgler at Ripples last nite!
by Samhain_Knight July 27, 2004

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1. Mr. Anus!
2. Your turd cutter, tar star, whale eye, rusty sheriff's badge.
3. Term describing an idividual's sphincter that is a nice shade of brown, with a hint of redness. Kinda like devil's food cake.
4. An individuals corn hole who suffers from acute exhaust burn.
I heard the pygmy bushmen of the African plains have the most splendid mahogany knots!
by Samhain_Knight February 24, 2005

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1) Perky, full bodied, and well rounded boobs.

2) Tits that are protected buy an insulating layer of cotton or cashmere

3) See dairy pillows or sugar mounds,
Damn Ruthie's sweater monkies got me so hard at work today I couldn't leave my cubicle.
by Samhain_Knight December 14, 2004

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1) A big girl
2) A swamp donkey w/ large diary pillows who's down to screw at the drop of a hat. Usually revolting in appearance.
3) Horny ass fat chick
Don't do it Colin! I don't care how smashed you are, that big breasted belly thrasher will hurt you....
by Samhain_Knight September 03, 2004

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The darkening or searing around the rim of your poop chute caused by the expulsion of molten feces and methane gases. This can result in a Harvest Moon and or a Rusty Sheriff's Badge
That chicken head at the club had way too much exhaust burn for me to be tossin her salad!
by Samhain_Knight August 10, 2004

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It's where I store my Pork Sword.
I just deposited a gallon of man yogurt in that gals sausage wallet.
by Samhain_Knight August 10, 2004

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