492 definition by Sam

Fictional metro-Boston slang for marijuana. First appeared in print in the seminal Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.
Hal went down to the pump room in order to smoke some high-resin Bob Hope.
by sam March 10, 2004

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an expression of absolute happiness, totally euphorism
Woot woot, it's my birthday!!
by sam April 17, 2003

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same as what the other person in the conversation said.
what are you doing? nothing. Diddo
by Sam May 10, 2004

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A heffalump is a creature mentioned in the Winnie the Pooh stories. Original books depict heffalumps as looking very much like elephants. Pooh and Piglet fear heffalumps, and in an attempt to cover their fears they attempt to bravely capture a heffalump in a trap. But no heffalumps are ever caught in their trap, and indeed no heffalump is ever met within the course of the books aside from those that appear in Pooh’s nightmares, wherein they are very fierce and are intent on stealing Pooh’s honey.

A heffalump has also become a term of abuse for a fat person and or oaf, similar to Jabba, as in Jabba The Hutt.
That heffalump simply can't play Jenga what what.
by Sam May 30, 2004

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someone who appears normal to the eye and holds the colors of life (orange), but is really a tool for someone or something else (clockwork)
Alex, from the movie A Clockwork Orange became a clockwork orange for the government.
by sam March 16, 2005

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A game that kicks so much ass it needs to import some cheap ones from 3rd world countries.
"Holy shit! Did you see that crazy fisherman's wife's head explode when I stamped on it? Sweet..."
by sam January 19, 2005

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Crazy motherfucker what played bass for one the best punk bands ever, the sex pistols, sid did not know how to play bass and was notorious for being violent on stage, anywhere from self-mutalating himself or calling the audience a "bunch of fucking queers"
in conclution SID VICIOUS is the definition of punk rock and is a fucking god
sid vicious is the only person i have heard of to get sooo stoned that he murders his own girlfriend.
by sam October 26, 2004

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