4 definitions by STFUEveryone

A Discordian (aka a spag) who wears a soviet star, and espouses communism.
That SPAGBOL keeps using Chaos Magic to turn me into a Commie!
by STFUEveryone August 31, 2018
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God-Emperor Of The United States, a crypto-fascists' acronym for the 45th President of the United States.
FakeNews CNN is being very unfair to GEOTUS by reporting everything he says verbatim.
by STFUEveryone October 23, 2017
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An interjection used as an exclamation of greeting, joy, or well-wishing -- much like 'huzzah' for the aristocracy, or 'ulla' for Martians.
He busted into the room and shouted "Kac Kac Kucak" and that's when we knew it was about to go down
by STFUEveryone October 17, 2017
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