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Stands for Restlessness Disease. R.D. is a a person who can not stop moving and must touch everything. But an R.D. can also be a good friend.
Friend 1 starts to play with his pen clicking it repeatedly.

Friend 2 "What are you doing?"

Friend 1 "Sorry I had an R.D. moment."
by SG SDEF October 20, 2010

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An Annoying Douchebag who thinks he is good at sports and thinks all the women want him.
Last night Mckern tried to tell me he went to state, bullshit!
by SG SDEF May 06, 2011

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Slang for boner, hard on, erection, stiffy or puple headed yogurt slinger. Originated from the movie varsity blues, as said by Jon Mox.
Ex. 1 "Did you finish your classwork?"
"No i popped pedro in class and was more worried about that"

Ex. 2 "did you see that fine bitch?"
"yeah she gave me pedro!"
by SG SDEF September 12, 2010

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