3 definitions by SATAN HAIL SATAN

What a pushover and a snowflake. He finds memes from the prehistoric era funny. Can't speak french but needs to boost

his ego by saying he's a high level in DELF. Plays TF2. I saw his discord profile not so long ago playing Fortnite. What a dipshit.
Seamus can't play Minecraft without tickspeed 30.
by SATAN HAIL SATAN November 06, 2019
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Listening to your annoying friend named Lyssa asks you questions about a worthless end of year practice exam
And while you're writing your definition on Urban dictionary she stares over your shoulder and argues with everything you put down.
Shut the fuck UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been given the capital punishment
by SATAN HAIL SATAN May 28, 2019
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That little shit is named after a fucking train who lost the genetic lottery.
His very presence inspires AIDS in his friends and family.

Yesterday I gave him a muffin and right now he is looking over my shoulder complaining that it was only the bottom
He deserves the Capital punishment. The one with Lyssa involved
I wanna castrate him with a fucking chainsaw.
Go check out Thomas's Grinder account. But wear protection because you might get AIDS.
by SATAN HAIL SATAN May 29, 2019
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