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A style of Nike Air Max trainer which typically costs £110. Taking into account the price of inflation and, regional variation these could also be £119.99's or £124.99's etc.
#1 - Alright den, flip da script my yute, new tracksuit, 110's my yute...

#2 - Yo blood, dem 110's are sick!
by Rudy Van Longhorn January 14, 2008

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Palmella is every man's girlfriend when they don't have one. Palmella will always put out, anytime, any place, for as long or as short as you like. She is not selfish, your satisfaction is all that matters.
Badman - Yow, Redman's been locked up from time.

Hoodman - Janno blood, Palmella's been gettin it!
by Rudy Van Longhorn January 18, 2008

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When you just can't work out what they are.
Girl 1 - I love Sean Paul, he's so sexy. Black guys really do it for me.

Girl 2 - Don't be stupid, he's asian. That's why I'm so attracted to him.

Girl 3 - You two have lost it, obviously he's white, black, cuban and asian. That's why all three of us are doing the triple tuppence tickle.

Boy - Clearly he's a nonation, however please continue.
by Rudy Van Longhorn January 14, 2008

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When a female has at least one redeeming feature i.e excellent breasts but the rest of her is a no go. Or, vice versa when the majority of her is looking good yet something lets her down. Ultimately you would only ever give her the old beef injection just the once.
Jim Jim - Ooh look at her in the distance, she'd get it.

( Girl gets closer )

Joe Joe - Nah mate, she's a onespunkin at the most.
by Rudy Van Longhorn January 14, 2008

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The female equivalent of the "male ego" often referred to by women as though they don't have one.
woman - Jesus Jeffery, i'm sick of hearing about the size of your penis. Your stupid male ego is driving me nuts!

man - I'm sorry Suzie, it won't happen again.

woman - Anyway forget about that, does my bum look big in this?

man - Suzie you silly sausage, do you really expect me to entertain your sheego after that?
by Rudy Van Longhorn January 14, 2008

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