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The act of accidently and completely throwing someone close to you under the bus, at the precise moment that everyone is focused on you
Dad. Falcon, did you hear me calling for you?
Falcon. Yes, but you said we were doing it for the show!
by Rosslyn Maleman October 16, 2009

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Go Fuck Your Mother! Also know as "The four words guaranteed to start a fight!" Use it when everyday insults, just won't do! Very much like GFY, only better.
Hey Johnny, Go Fuck Your Mother! Or just GFYM
by Rosslyn Maleman December 19, 2007

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Giving a speech consisting of sentences either containing exactly or no more than 140 characters each, so they can be Tweeted.
Yo Yo, you know what, da boss come in this morning and he tell me Obama speak in 140 character “Twitter Bites”, but I think he a republican!
by Rosslyn Maleman June 04, 2009

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If you are a UD Editor, it's how much I paid your Mom to blow me!
ME: Is your son a UD editor?

UD Editor's Mom: Why yes, he is.

ME: Here's a buck fifty, get on it!

UD Editor's Mom: Slurping sound herd
by Rosslyn Maleman December 06, 2009

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1) A really crappy voice over IP (VoIP) telephone connection
2) Hand job from a Genie
3) Really gay Rap Artist
4) That older guy that invited to his house when you were still a preteen
1) I only pay $19.95 a year for my majicJack and now I can't hear crap
2) That it, spank my meat Genie. Oh yea, I'm going (opposite day)
3) I'm M. A. J. I. C. J. A. C. K. and I'm here to say, I suck your father every day
4) Hey Johnny, my Mom is taking a nap, why don't you come to my house for some special grape juice?
by Rosslyn Maleman February 09, 2010

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Did you hear The Donald blindly defend Bill O'Reilly against sexual harassment charges?
Normal Person. The Donald is such a Rapist-in-Chief
by Rosslyn Maleman April 10, 2017

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Just a general insult. Remember this from my youth in the 70s. Guess it means worthless!
Hey Jit Stain, come over here!
by Rosslyn Maleman November 13, 2007

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