A cowardly piece of shit who anonymously decides what is worthy of inclusion in the urban dictionary.
The UD Editor rejected my submission with no explanation. A cursory read shows lots of inane references and inside jokes posted. Fuck you, Mr. UD Editor.
by king bob April 5, 2013
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Someone who goes through pages of words doing the UD owners jobs for them. They are generally people who have no lifes:
Keira Knightley: Hey do you want to come out to a party with me, get rich and famous and spend the rest of you life being loved beyond your wildest dreams?
UD Editor: No thanks i have to go approve sexual and racist slurs on Urban Dictionary.com
Keira Knightley: lol Goomba
by Mapperz February 23, 2008
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An urban dictonary client who has singend up to urbandictonary.com and has the ability to review definitions before they get put up on the website.
Ricky - are you an ud editor
Bobby- yes i get to publish definitions
by i am #2 September 26, 2011
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Sussy bakas who reject innocent definitions and facts on the Internet, then allow.....other stuff.
Me: I searched oui. Can you keep this definition?
Random editing dude: Nah. I know what I'm doing.
Me: Dude, it's right there.
Random editing dude: *proceeds to make oui all about (censored) and other stuff.
Me: Wow ud editors are just.... ewwwwww...
by FlameRocky3 June 11, 2022
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The editors and mainstream controllers of the entire Urban Dictionary.

Know for thier intellect and ability to help this massive dictionary grow.

This post is placed to recall the great things the UD editors have brought to all that view this site.

Thanks, from the words of accepted and rejected alike, for being our UD editors!
The UD Editors team, growing more, has made this place change for the best, and continue it as the days go by.
by Spaztik-Plaztik May 24, 2007
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Short for 'Faggot Urban Dictionary Editors'. Generally refers to the faggots who screen listings and ultimately disallow better definitions put forth by young enterprising minds. These faggots are the lowest of the low; they deserve to have their testes removed and, ultimately, die in a fire.
Yeah so the faggot UD editors didn't accept my definition for 'lopl'. Apparently it was already accurately described by the moron who wrote that it stood for 'laughing out pissing loud'. Give me a break right? Fucking faggot UD editors, hope they all get pushed down a flight of stairs headfirst.
by loplriffic March 25, 2011
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I have to find a woman soon or I’ll be lost forever. My future is pretty much all predetermined now.

I have limited skills. This scares me
Jewish ud editors
by confused cajun man February 3, 2021
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