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A yard-care Mexican is one of those hardworking men who tend the yards and do the landscaping for many homes and businesses in America. They also hang sheet-rock and finish concrete. At least ten yard-care Mexicans can fit in a Ford Gran Torino, and up to a dozen can ride in the back of a Chevrolet pickup truck. (Also known as a "Chebby," in the Spanglish language that they utter.) They frequently grin, but seldom smile, especially toward white people. Yard-care Mexicans are seen driving ten miles-per-hour slower than the rest of any traffic, and often constitute a roadway hazard. This is not a fault of the yard-care Mexican, but only the natural result of a person having a donkey or burro as their first car.
1. Be careful of that Chevrolet pickup towing that trailer full of brush and yard refuse. That vehicle is being driven by a yard-care Mexican!
2. Yo, dude, don't hit on that Mexican woman, her yard-care Mexicans sons will cut you!
3. Those yard-care Mexicans worked all day for me... It is unfortunate that the Immigration Police showed up with the white van... I didn't even get to pay them!
by rook's Buddy May 22, 2010

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Being "roached-up" means to be living in close confines, or to be living with another person, or people, with very little extra room or space. Hillbillies are often "roached-up" in trailer parks. Porch monkeys can often be found "roached-up" in a project. Typically, the people who are "roached-up" don't live with a very high standard of living. Rather they live like cockroaches, form which the phrase is derived.
1. Look at those hillbillies roached-up in that old school bus. I'm not sure which structure is the chicken coop!

2. Those niggers are roached-up in the ghetto. Lets avoid that neighborhood so that we don't get capped in a drive-by shooting.
3. The young college kids roached-up in a dorm room and played on-line computer games. It is good to see them getting full value for their college education!
by Rook's Buddy June 08, 2010

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Pussy tracks are stains on the linens or bedsheets created by the fluids that leak from a woman's vaginal cavity. If the woman is having her period, then reddish-brown pussy tracks can be expected. If she had sexual intercourse and was ejaculated into, then the pussy tracks will be a whitish color, as they are composed largely of semen. Some women will express urine in their sleep, and these pussy tracks will have a yellowish tinge. In theory, any combination is possible, depending largely on the woman's vaginal discharge. Additional possibilities include the remains of any vaginal suppository or cream that may have been used in the vagina.
1. I ate that bitch out for hours last night; when I woke up, she was in the shower, but pussy tracks were everywhere. Ewww....

2. My girlfriend changes her sheets often, because she has a raging infection from a previous sexual encounter and oozes nasty pussy tracks when she sleeps. I can't wait for the penicillin to start working, so that I don't have to wear a condom anymore!
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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Female, and perhaps effeminate males, that are exceptionally flighty and irresponsible are often called dingbats. Reason and accountability are concepts that dingbats refuse to acknowledge.
The dingbat got a speeding ticket on the way to her hair appointment. She was not upset about receiving the citation, but was very unsatisfied and upset about her bad haircut.
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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The mat of pubic hair on a female that must be parted before urination or the stream of urine will be split into a disgusting spray of nasty hot piss.
Example one: Lori has such a nasty mat of hair on her pussy that she must part her labia so that she can avoid spraying the entire toilet bowl with a golden piss cutter.

Example two: That nasty bitch pulled her panties aside to take a leak, but sprayed the bumper of my truck with a golden horrible piss cutter!
by Rook's Buddy May 08, 2010

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Geocaching is a sport that is perfect for nerds. The participants can use their computers and high-tech Global Positioning System devices to hunt down and dig up objects that have little or no intrinsic value. Think if it as an Easter egg hunt for adults who have not yet grown up. Peter Pan prancer-types, mostly.
Seth, I just found the geocaching find of the Millennium! It contained THE FROG. You know about THE FROG, don't you Seth?
by Rook's Buddy May 10, 2010

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