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The word dank can be:

An adjective describing unpleasant dampness or humidity.

a word used to describe high potency cannabis that is still moist.

An adjective describing something as positive or awesome.
That weed is dank man!
by Roberto May 29, 2006

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An ecological community together with its environment, functioning as a unit.
cool animals live in an ecosystem
by Roberto April 08, 2005

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Small globs of toilet paper in the vagina resulting from not wiping thoroughly.
Could you please remove those pussy boogers before I eat?
by roberto September 18, 2003

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occurs during anal-sex when the recieving end farts while the cock is inserted.
my new girlfriend is a fucking cockblaster!
by Roberto January 08, 2004

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Also z0rs, z0r5, zorz, etc.

Suffix often attached to random words. Similar to xors.

Often used in conjunction with uber.

For example,
Dudezors, that's uber1337zors. J00 roxors my boxors! Wowzors.
by Roberto October 10, 2003

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To have sex directly in or on top of dirt, sand or any type or uncovered earth that has not been prepared post coital. This can be made even more memorable if no protection is used.
"Chris banged that girl in the dirt next to the tree in the backyard, and he didn't use a rubber."
by Roberto April 28, 2005

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two or more OGs physically assaulting one who is not one of their homeez. Also means initiating someone into your gang by beating them up.
"Ready homie? OG beat down on 3"

If you wanna join us you gotta survive an OG beat down"
by Roberto December 14, 2003

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