26 definitions by Roberto

wabb is the universal word for penis. slang.
1.that boy has a massive wabb. i would like to give his wabb a good rodgering.
2.U wabb sucking cock master.
by Roberto November 7, 2003
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An ecological community together with its environment, functioning as a unit.
cool animals live in an ecosystem
by Roberto April 8, 2005
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1. One who never shuts up, and snitches on others.
Jim Harris was a magpie, when he found out his sister was drunk, he told his parents.
by Roberto March 10, 2003
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The greatest game in the history of time.
Check it out at www.mystifygames.co.uk
The best game ever is mystify soccer
by Roberto March 26, 2004
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The act of trying to persuade a female to sleep with you.
"I can't believe you spent all night Cock Talking to that girl, and all you got was a handjob."
by Roberto February 24, 2005
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a person who identifies the spritual aspect of everything.

a buddhist monk.
that bonze 'bout gave me sermon for eating a burger!
by Roberto June 23, 2003
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Be careful with your driving, you don't want to run over a bronk!
by Roberto February 28, 2005
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