26 definitions by Roberto

1. One who never shuts up, and snitches on others.
Jim Harris was a magpie, when he found out his sister was drunk, he told his parents.
by Roberto March 09, 2003
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A "rapper" if you can call some retarded pathetic nigga that all he does it yell, mainly 3 words in his songs. It is very RARE that you hear his say other words than YEAH, WHAT, and OK in his lyrics. A disgrace to hip hop community.
A:Yo, what's that annoying background noise in this song?
B:Oh, don't mind him, his vocabulary only contains 3 words that are mastered, he's still working on some other few.
by Roberto March 12, 2005
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Be careful with your driving, you don't want to run over a bronk!
by Roberto February 28, 2005
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An ecological community together with its environment, functioning as a unit.
cool animals live in an ecosystem
by Roberto April 08, 2005
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A group of persons who eat, sleep, dream and live design. Design is their all, their everything.
The designsters created an awesome website for me!

There are designers, then there are designsters; the ultimate designerati and opposite of designerrhea.
by Roberto October 23, 2013
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Bought to light during an episode of, "The Colbert Report," Destruction Porn brings to light any movie that involves great lengths of explosions, demolitions, collapses, or anything else that can be decimated. See also disaster porn, or anything created by Michael Bay.
"...one day computer graphics would strip movies of any plot or characterization and turn them into mindless orgies of destruction porn." Steven Colbert, The Colbert Report

John - "Dude you want to go see that new Michael Bay movie?"

Chris - "Yeah. $200 million in destruction porn? Im down!"

John - "Just keep it in the pants this time, ok?"
by Roberto August 07, 2009
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