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A physically attractive Eastern European adult female commonly of Polish decent, characterized by her sudden emotional outbursts, chronic prescription drug use, and strong predilection for electronic dance music.

Generally recognized for harboring daddy issues resulting in a fear of failure, college postponement, and a deep enthusiasm for child rearing, these women are known to be quite fond of shorter men and feel uneasy living more than 20 miles from their parents.
The Slovakian bombshell, with arms draped about her 5 foot 2 inch boyfriend, was up to her old tricks again, being an enormous reginer: downing handfuls of hydrocodone, shouting obscenities, awkwardly bumbling to the techno beat.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 10, 2006
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A person commonly characterized by acute sycophantic hyper-ambition coupled with unscrupulous sociopathic behavior, above average intelligence, and an uncanny harboring of fundamental Italian nationalistic ideologies.

These types are most notable for their absurd caricature tattoos, superior grasp of the English language, and incessant use of the expression “scumbag.”
Judging by the gentleman’s unremitting exploitation of the idiom “You are a scumbag” and his borderline creepy belief in Italian superiority, one can deduce that this gentleman is being a tremendous rob the wop.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 09, 2006
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A hyper-ambitious sycophantic person commonly characterized by acute unscrupulous sociopathic behavior, largely considered a complement within certain circles of wops.
Everyone knew, throughout the land, that he was truely a scumbag harboring such Machiavellian principles.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 10, 2006
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In Argumentation, the act of constructing a line of reasoning unreasonably, its construction built on a foundation of subconscious bias, in order to give the appearance of making a point, for the sole purpose of exaggerating one’s metaphoric genitalia while systematically minimizing their opponent’s.
“Ah, but you overlook another possibility yourself, that of the unison of divinity and insanity. Perhaps the nature of the Infinite is such as to be unquantifiable by the precepts of order, and thus chaotic at heart?

Then again, perhaps other great minds have overlooked these possibilities because they were more concerned with a logical analysis of the questions themselves, and less concerned with philosophic phallus aggrandizement? (D. Amadeo, Email to R. Piccirillo 11/29/06)”
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo December 01, 2006
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A state comprised of a Republican majority of voters.

Derived from red state; however, due to the onset of increasingly out-of-the-closet homosexual and pederastic Republican politicians, the color red fades to pink.
Thank you to Mark Foley for making Florida a pink state!
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 06, 2006
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A person of such tremendous social influence they are able to set into motion the rippling effects of social and economic change directly through indirect means.

Commonly, these types employ their power through Machiavellian tactics and are regularly characterized by acute sociopathic tendencies.

Some examples of these types:
Political leaders -
Mafia Dons
Civil Servants
Prime Ministers
EU Commissioners
Members of International Banking Families -
CEOs, Directors, Chairmen, and Majority Shareholders of Major Corporations -
Dave Rothschild is a Rainmaker.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo December 26, 2006
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An ethnically, as well as religiously, non-Jewish male who either converts to Judaism or immigrates to Israel in order to prosper socially, as well as economically, by way of social networking and unscrupulous political behavior.

For the female counterpart of this definition, please see “Sister Sarah”.
Rob the Wop: “I did it.”
Douchey Mcgillacutty: “You did what?”
Rob the Wop: “I’m Jewish. I converted.”
Douchey Mcgillacutty: “Why on Earth would you do that?”
Rob the Wop: “In order to further the Zionist cause and gain influential business contacts.”
Douchey Mcgillacutty: “So, do they just let anybody in?”
Rob the Wop: “Fuck no, dude. It’s a tedious process. I had to go in front of this council and prove I am righteous.”
Douchey Mcgillacutty: “You think you’ll fit in?”
Rob the Wop: “Like a glove!”
Douchey Mcgillacutty: “But your last name’s Piccirillo!”
Rob the Wop: “So?”
Douchey Mcgillacutty: “So you’re an obvious Brother Ishmael!”
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 16, 2006
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