City at the northwest edge of Greater Boston, where route 93 and I-95 intersect. Really isn't that bad of a place, but isn't somwhere you'd want to spend your whole life. Mostly populated by Italians, Irish, and Hispanics.
Also has a really nice movie theater and a pretend mall.
Don't drink the water in Woburn, Massachusetts. You might get cancer.
by sksee March 6, 2006
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this town is north of boston and is a complete shit hole. every white teenager that lives in this pit thinks he is a Blood or Crip. I dated a girl that lived in Woburn once and found out she was a hooker like every other girl in this sad, sad town. Each time I unfortunatly drive through Woburn I see pathetic white teenage boys dressed all thugged out in their flatt brimmed hats and jerseys and bandanas. Face it, its Woburn not East Los Angles.
Tony: Hey Bob, lets go to the movies in Woburn, Massachusetts!
Bob: Hey Tony, fuck Woburn, that place is a shit hole. We can go there and laugh at all of the wannabe gangmembers!
by jj1212 October 11, 2005
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City just North of Boston where 93 and 95 intersect. Referred to the people who live there as the "wu". Has town pride out the ass GO TANNERS. People tend to generally be gangsta, but you can't include everyone in that statement. It's a place where a lot of tragedy happens to young adults..too many deaths at too young an age.

Also a place where the girls can drink just as much as the guys can. Overall, its not a bad place, but you don't want to be stuck living there your whole life.
john: hey let's go to woburn, Massachusetts for that party we heard about
tim: you sure kid, I hear woburn's kinda ghetto
john: nah, it'll be a good time
by nonjudgemental8 March 1, 2010
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