15 definition by Rio

When a guy comes behinde a girl raps his arms around her, if lucky the guy puts his hands in the girls front jacket pockets. Very cute for couples
Ally:Im cold!
Powell:Raps arms around ally from behinde
by Rio June 30, 2003

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MCDONALDS - Mc DUM ALL (who eat there)

a place where I used to Work on My high school years and where you can rob alot of money if you got the Manager Codes! ja ja ja - fuck up food by the way.
by RIO August 18, 2003

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a derranged child found wearing trackky bottoms (tucked into white sock), classic shoes, burbury hat and usually has some sort of speach impediment to make them sound hard , dirt rubbed onto face for added affect
oi cheif yas gott foksin mint at spitin
by rio December 19, 2003

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to beat on someone
imma rawl at u till u bleed lil fucka gimme mah money!!!!
by rio November 16, 2003

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To have or hold knowledge beyond all others.
He got a 383 hemi with a six pack with an 8" posi-traction and a mopar 727 running 3's . You know it got to be! He got the expertizzle fo shizzle. You know? Sheeaaaaaaat bro!
by Rio January 15, 2004

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Bambi is an obese science project gone wrong. Commonly seen in the bambi saga from the comic strip "Adrenaline". A level one is a common fat person, a level to resembels an overweight big foot, and of course the third and final level is over 400lbs and is 10ft high with the ability to absorb things on contact. Aproach with caution.
That girl is a level 2 bambi, i didn't know they made shirt sizes that big......
by Rio May 20, 2004

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Shorterned version of angin to be used if something or someone is unbelievably ugly, or unattractive in any way
That boy was pure ang
by Rio July 14, 2004

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