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Also means on the level...when a ship is said to be Yar, she's perfectly loaded and level from stem to stern and port to starboard.
Aye, the old girls yar lads so let's cast off and be on with it
by Rik June 21, 2004
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a kool sport, that is on da water
i am going sailing with my frends
by Rik February 02, 2005
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For Males Only

When receiving oral sex, tap your pleasurer on the shoulder to get her attention. Then you should touch your thumbs to your head and spread your fingers like moose antlers and make any strange noise. Then, punch her in the face.
Dude, check out that chick. She's totally bullwinkle surprise material.
by Rik January 06, 2004
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a band from egland with 3 ppl in it Billy(Guitar), Josh(Drums) n Charlotte (Bass)
tracks (2 name some)
oh yeah
rock n roll queen
1 am
by rik March 17, 2005
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a japanese super hero who withholds the power of soy
show me, show you, kikkoman!! allright!
by Rik January 23, 2003
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eddisfaction - To reach the standards set out by Edd, eddisfaction is only obtainable when the enjoyment level is so intense that Edd screams for more. Some people presume that reaching Eddisfaction is an easy task or "a piece of cake" but only those who truly know Edd really understand the value of Eddisfaction and the effects that are caused by it.
Can't get no Eddisfaction.
you can really feel the eddisfaction, it kinda makes me feel uncontrolably sick.
by Rik January 19, 2004
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the name of a bagel which oddly resembles knuckles the echidna
hello dooshabagel
by Rik January 23, 2003
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