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The convulsions brought on when one has waited too long to urinate and is incapable of undoing their pants in time.
Matt stood over the toilet, anxious to relieve himself. He zipped partway down, but it stuck. He pulled and tugged but the fly would not undo. He got chills as he fidgeted at the impossible zipper and trembled as his full bladder felt ready to burst. Matt undid the button and tried to pull his pants down far enough to release. When he was finally able to do so, narrowly escaping sullied pants, Matt could feel his urineurysm subside as he relieved himself.
He sighed and trembled as his stream flowed, and almost felt as if he would cry. The seconds ticked away and soon a full minute passed and Matt shuddered at what he believed to be the worst urineurysm he ever had.
by Riffkin April 16, 2009

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In reference to 'Flot'; 'Flottle' is the sound one makes while a scrotum is dipped into her or his mouth. It is an occurrence where the recipient of the 'Flottling' gets a mouth-full of loose scrotum skin, as well as a possible testicle, and vainly attempts to spit it out.
It is usually an act of embarrassment and ridicule for said recipient. See 'Teabag'

Also: A simple act of clumsiness or movement in which something is fumbled, jiggled or knocked around.
1. Stephanie gagged and flottled as John allowed her to choke on his beanbag. Stephanie nearly suffocated because of John's flottling. She now has flottle breath.

2. Amidst his nightmare of being castrated, Matt unknowingly flottled his testicles in his sleep.

3. Hooper tried to be smooth when the lighter was tossed to him, but the lighter just flottled out of his hands.
by Riffkin August 04, 2009

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The 'clapping' sound a Scrotum makes when slapped against skin. As it would sound during excessive "male" masturbation when the scrotum slaps against a palm, or during fast intercourse; when gravity and momentum slap the scrotum against the partner's skin very close to an orifice. The area could be a chin, pubic region or anal region, depending on position of the two people involved.
Hooper knew what was going on in Bryan's bedroom because he could hear the 'Flot-Flot-Flot' from outside the closed door.


As Abel's scrotum 'Flotted' against her skin, he was amazed at just how sloppy the sex was that night.

As a means of insult; Shut up, Flothead! Fuck off, Flot-Face! You've got Flot breath...
by Riffkin August 03, 2009

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The semi-orgasmic shudder one receives at the end of relieving a very full bladder.
As the long seconds ticked away, and his urineurysm had completely subsided, Joe smiled at how pleasurable his peeshivers felt as the trickle dripped its last few drops in the silent bathroom.
by Riffkin April 16, 2009

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The fecal residue that forms in the crack of the buttocks, normally within an hour of a bowel movement. This affliction can be exacerbated by heat, humidity, and physical activity that would produce sweat. Also known as Anal Leakage, 'Scrop' has a tendency to form at the most inopportune times, causing irritation and repetitive clean up of the rectal area.
'Scrop' is the leading cause of most stained underwear in the United States.
Geoffrey finished pooping and his buttocks was clean; he could tell because the toilet paper was still white when he wiped, but 20 minutes later his rectum itched and felt as if he had done a shoddy job of cleaning himself up. Sure enough, once he returned to the bathroom he took a wad of toilet paper and wiped up the scrop that had formed in his crack.
Geoffrey looked at the brown streak of scrop that had been soaked up by the toilet paper, folded it over and wiped until he felt clean and dry once again.
He hoped there would be no further scrop issues for the rest of the day but, given how hot and muggy it was, he knew he'd constantly have a scroppy mess to worry about.
by Riffkin August 05, 2009

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