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As in screen-hop. The act of paying for the first movie at a megaplex, and then staying behind the ticket-taker as you hop from screen to screen thoughout the day.
The other day, my son and I managed to scrop 5 films.
by Greebs October 05, 2010
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The fecal residue that forms in the crack of the buttocks, normally within an hour of a bowel movement. This affliction can be exacerbated by heat, humidity, and physical activity that would produce sweat. Also known as Anal Leakage, 'Scrop' has a tendency to form at the most inopportune times, causing irritation and repetitive clean up of the rectal area.
'Scrop' is the leading cause of most stained underwear in the United States.
Geoffrey finished pooping and his buttocks was clean; he could tell because the toilet paper was still white when he wiped, but 20 minutes later his rectum itched and felt as if he had done a shoddy job of cleaning himself up. Sure enough, once he returned to the bathroom he took a wad of toilet paper and wiped up the scrop that had formed in his crack.
Geoffrey looked at the brown streak of scrop that had been soaked up by the toilet paper, folded it over and wiped until he felt clean and dry once again.
He hoped there would be no further scrop issues for the rest of the day but, given how hot and muggy it was, he knew he'd constantly have a scroppy mess to worry about.
by Riffkin August 05, 2009
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