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In reference to 'Flot'; 'Flottle' is the sound one makes while a scrotum is dipped into her or his mouth. It is an occurrence where the recipient of the 'Flottling' gets a mouth-full of loose scrotum skin, as well as a possible testicle, and vainly attempts to spit it out.
It is usually an act of embarrassment and ridicule for said recipient. See 'Teabag'

Also: A simple act of clumsiness or movement in which something is fumbled, jiggled or knocked around.
1. Stephanie gagged and flottled as John allowed her to choke on his beanbag. Stephanie nearly suffocated because of John's flottling. She now has flottle breath.

2. Amidst his nightmare of being castrated, Matt unknowingly flottled his testicles in his sleep.

3. Hooper tried to be smooth when the lighter was tossed to him, but the lighter just flottled out of his hands.
by Riffkin August 04, 2009
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