61 definition by Ricky

a stupid slap usually give for saying something stupid
i gave tony a juang because he said the sahara desert was in india
by ricky March 21, 2005

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someone/something that fucks someone else in the ass. not necessarily literally.
Man, the credit cad company really fucked me in the ass. What a bunch of ass badgers!
by Ricky March 09, 2004

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1. Writing, typing, or speaking backwards to confuse people and to get attention.
1. -.emosewa saw tahT
-Quit oobing dood.
by Ricky February 27, 2004

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The act of getting sexual pleasure.
"Hey Tim, you see that girl to your left?
I got gummy from her last yer."
by Ricky January 15, 2004

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Acronym for "Cow Vaginal Discharge"

Can be used in place of the word "prick", "faggot", or "waste of skin".
Dude, you're such a CVD, yo.
by ricky January 10, 2004

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word used to describe someone who is boring or annoying you
Fuck up you sigh ~
Jog on you sigh ~
That guys a fucking sigh ~
by ricky February 20, 2005

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A nutter, freaky, a pimp {zwei]
"Did you see how that zw swirls his cock?"
by Ricky January 07, 2005

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