18 definition by Rick Roberson

(n.) The creamy discharge that oozes from a yeast-infected meat wallet.
Her vagina puke was so abundant that she could decorate a wedding cake with her twat in 3 minutes flat.
by Rick Roberson March 12, 2009

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(n.) An aged, male homosexual.
Your grandfather won't keep his eyes off my ass. He's a fucking bumfoozler, man. You're not a faggot, too, are you??
by Rick Roberson February 01, 2010

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(v. gerund) A euphemism for really puking one's guts out to the max... major vomiting action.

See also: blowing lunch and barf meat.
Betty: Did you enjoy the party last night, Rob?

Rob: Yes, but I drank too much and I upchucked all night long.

Betty: So did I!!! I was blowing lunch until two o'clock this morning.

Rob: I'm sure I swallowed some barf meat.

Betty: Did it taste good?

Rob: Hell NO, bitch! What kind of pervert do you think I am?

Betty: Oh, I don't think you're a pervert, dude. I only asked because the baloney sandwich I had for lunch yesterday tasted better when I was tossing the toenails earlier this morning.
by Rick Roberson January 26, 2010

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(n.) Similar to Spanish moss. A maggot muff can be the result of many things, such as cuntosis, a buildup of smelly sludge in the vaginal area.

See also Vulveeta

He would've normally asked her out to eat had it not been for the rancid odor of her maggot muff.
by Rick Roberson March 19, 2009

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(n./gerund) A euphemism for the act of vomiting or, for the more colorful imagination, puking one's guts out from over-eating and/or over-consumption of alcohol.
I ate 35 stuffed shrimp and drank 27 White Russians, then I was blowing lunch and enjoying them both a second time.

I drank four cases of beer and I was blowing lunch like there was no tomorrow.
by Rick Roberson March 02, 2009

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(n.) Occurs when rock-solid fecal matter is ejected from the vagina onto a person or object, or into an appropriate container.

For our younger, more sensitive readers, cuntstipation is when shit comes out of a girl's pussy (snatch, twat, cunt, meat wallet).
Husband: "Suppose we'll be having sexual intercourse tonight, sweetheart?"

Wife: "Oh no, not tonight, honey... I'm having a bad case of cuntstipation."

Husband: "It's okay, dear. I was just having a sperm-retention headache."
by Rick Roberson April 03, 2011

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(greeting) What a blind man says when walking in close proximity to a fish market.
Zippa-dee-doo-dah, zippa-dee-day... Oh! Hello, girls!
by Rick Roberson June 12, 2010

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