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A type of excrement a level above diarrhoea, soft enough to hold together, characterised by its tapering finished top, reminiscent of a Mr Whippy soft serve ice cream.
Watch out don't tread in that dog turd man! It's a proper Mr Whippy
by Richmilo January 26, 2021
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A particularly powerful and offensive odour usually associated with farting or number 2's. A stench, but on the next level. Mostly experienced following a night of drinking and consumption of nasty fast-food that you wouldn't normally eat unless drunk, a strong indication of bowel or other inner turmoil.
Bob: Dude don't use the bathroom for 10 minutes, I just made a proper Dame Judy in there. Must've been the vodka last night

Bill: Yeah, that and dodgy take-away
Bob: Tru dat

Man did you just fart? Omg that's proper Dame Judy! Open the window!
by Richmilo January 26, 2021
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A tiny individual unit of excrement the size of an M&M or rabbit dropping, usually delivered if somebody is suffering constipation. Often experienced travelling in unfamiliar or exotic places where available food can be very limited, such as the highlands of Papua New Guinea
Dear diary, It's day number 5 of my travels and still all I can manage is a single spegment of something denser than plutonium. I fear the worst if I cannot find a McDonalds soon...
by Richmilo January 26, 2021
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