135 definition by Richard

An exclamation used when exclaiming things.
I failed my math test. Yae!
by Richard November 30, 2003

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Chickens, an ominous VN Lance presence. Constantly fueling the flames of passionate VN discussion, and winning the hearts and adoration of many.
Chickens made a VN post.
by Richard February 26, 2005

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Usually followed by Mother Fucker! As said by michael Jackson - Avid Marrion, and also Richard & Bentley! Hehe Check Check Schamone.
Schamone Mother Fucker, Thats Right!
by Richard January 27, 2004

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Best radio DJ there has ever been and ever will be.The reason all you other DJ's work at the other stations.
All Haters FALL BACK
"hey did you listen to the Tim Westwood Rap show last night"
by Richard May 08, 2004

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for guys, women are bad news. for girls, anything cool is bad news. Fuck dem bitches yall.
girls, heroin, strokers at parties, gunshot wounds
by richard February 26, 2004

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stuff you can't bring yourself to throw away -possessions with no discernible value other than to the owner

used in rave/squatting culture since mid 90's
got to sort out the spaff mountain - there must be stuff the charity shop would want and we can recycle the rest
by richard November 09, 2004

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An idiotic person that thinks he is stronger than Keaton and likes to argue about gay stuff and knows about every law in the United States. dirived from Rilistal which is anciant greek for gay or fag.
Hey look at Riley, what a looser. Hes especcially Rilistal today.
by Richard July 04, 2004

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