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Derogatory term used by some Christians to announce their disapproval of sexual relationships between 2 men.
God created the Earth for Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!
by RicDaSpic April 12, 2005
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The Legendary character played by Al Pacino in the movie Scarface. Tony (Antonio) was a dope slinging Cuban refugee who made it big in Miami by sellind bricks of yayo by the tonne. He is notorious for his crazy ass lines and balls of steel.
"Say 'ello to my little friend"

"In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the woman"

"Fuck Gaspar Gomez, and fuck the fuckin' Diaz brothers! Fuck'em all! I bury those cock-a-roaches!"
by RicDaSpic April 13, 2005
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A native fruit of Persia which resembles apples but has a great tangy taste. Quince is considered the fruit of love but not too many people eat it and supermarkets in North America rarely offer this delight. Best when eaten after hardcore sex, it can help to take away the nasty aftertaste of coochie eating.
When Mary visited Iran, her breakfast included slices of quince from the hotel where she stayed.
by RicDaSpic April 12, 2005
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Some lines Biggie stole from Tony Montana's boss Mr. Lopez from the greatest Mafioso movie of all time, SCARFACE. Respect to Biggie still, but it seems Little Kim ripped off SCARFACE as well with the song Money, Power n' Respect. Was this a Badboy Records trend back then or what?
Bigups to Al Pacino for playing the role so well. No one could have done it better
by RicDaSpic April 13, 2005
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