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When men have rather large TITTAYS.
Bob, Bob had bitch tits.
by ReyZ June 23, 2003

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(Ass Slapping Club) Pathetic group of boys who resort to sexual harassment to get the only ass they'll ever get in their lives.
Half the kids in our class are in the ASC. They are so pathetic
by ReyZ May 04, 2003

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A good band with a livelier sound than Death Cab For Cutie. (Same singer).

Sock Hop**
Plans Get Complex
Why I Cry
Did you hear about Ben Gibbard's alternative project? Yea it's called All-Time Quarterback. Yea I still think that Death Cab is better.
(Catfight ensues)
by ReyZ March 28, 2004

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A man having tits as big as a bitch's. (A man having huge jugs.)
Quote from Fight Club-
"Bob, Bob had bitchtits.
by ReyZ June 01, 2003

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A mixture of the holiday of Christmas and Hannukah (as seen in the O.C.). Also a perfect name for so-called "Christmas-time" get-togethers.
I'm having a Chrismukkah party...wanna come?
by ReyZ December 09, 2003

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